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About Us

Digital Printech is a privately owned Partnership Firm established recently. The team currently consist of four working partners along with 10 well experienced staff. The first partner has fifteen years experience of publishing books as well as printing jobs. The second partner has twelve years experience of Graphic designs and digital printing. The third partner has eight years experience of administration and Finance. The fourth partner has 20 years experience of marketing and has many contacts in India and abroad.

With the strong hold to our company philosophy, highest satisfaction, quality & creativity, we are committed to the highest level of quality to serve each of our clients better. To have the latest & faster technology is a big concern in today’s world to win the race. Enabling customers to win the race is a major part for Solid Digital Printing. With passage of time Solid Digital Printing recognized that increased creativity & increased production can benefit everyone. With fine printing quality & faster speeds digital machines, the clients are sure to get the best quality result and to find their business growing. We can only look forward growing with these clients by keeping all of their digital printing needs well satisfied. We provides a comprehensive range of advertisement services at competitive price in indoor & outdoor advertising, close collaboration with advertising agencies, supporting public relations agencies, servicing corporate & private companies.

Our dedicated personnel with experience begin their service the moment you make the first call. From quick, efficient order handling to helpful clients services representatives, we are dedicated to understand the many & diverse needs of individuals, thus we are attuned to your specific needs.

Our vision is to provide our clients with a full range of services from the very beginning start their business. Grow with them & develop a strong working relationship that catalyst to both the companies. Support them in the developing stage with the hope to able to nurture the growth of both of our companies.

We provide our clients with a complete Print Management service which includes not only printed products but also design, imaging and personalisation. Quality is a key function for the Management and Staff. We empower each staff member to take responsibility for their service and workmanship.

We take every step to understand our clients needs to provide accurate, attract effective work & design. Our new fresh radical designs will capture the attention of your audience. Creating new ideas that are effective to your needs. This does not only mean creative ideas but also cost effective method of reaching out to your target too.

In essence we are a sustainable, responsibly managed business entity that is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment while producing quality products and solutions for our clients. Our vision is also to be a part of PM’s Start Up Scheme.